Arbitral clause

In case, that you decide for the settlement of the suits with your contractual partners before the permanent arbitral court: PERMANENT ARBITRAL COURT and MEDIATION CENTRE, attach into your contracts the arbitral clause in the version as follows:

The contracting parties within the meaning of § 3 and § 4 par. 1 of act No 244/2002 Coll. on arbitral proceedings in wording of later legal statutes agreed that any suits, which have arisen between them, or which will arise between them from this contract, including suits about its validity, interpretation, or cancellation of, will be resolved in front of the Permanent arbitral court, PERMANENT ARBITRAL COURT AND MEDIATION CENTRE, established by the BBB TRIBE Ltd., company identifying No 46426400, registered in National business register on County court in Prešov fill. No 25174/P, in accordance with the Statute and the Procedure rules of the Arbitral court. The parties agreed in the meaning of the provision § 42 of the Arbitration Act, that they preclude the bringing of an action according to § 40 par. 1 let. h) of the Act No 244/2002 of the arbitration. The parties undertake to submit to the decision of this court and its decision shall be final, obligatory and enforceable on the parties.